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We believe that life is more meaningful when you have the opportunity to create your best work. When we’re coming up with great ideas and moving projects forward at pace, we’re filled with positive energy and meaning. We’re empowered to create our best work.

But when teams share files for feedback, work descends into admin hell. Comments can come from any number of tools, channels and email chains, and dealing with the feedback can turn the simplest projects into a grueling marathon.

So we’re on a mission to create a seamless approval process that helps people deliver their best work. By helping people get their best work approved, we’ll transform the finish line into a moment of joy, excitement and celebration for every file – the way it should be.

Filestage is the world’s best-rated online proofing solution. Our software is used by over 500,000 people all over the world, across hundreds of industries. We’re a growing startup in a booming market, so we’ve got an exciting journey ahead of us.

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Open Call

Are you keen to work at Filestage but we don't have an open vacancy with your name on it?
We're always open to finding the best talent, and although we might not have a current opening that matches your skillset, we may have one come up in the future!

In your cover letter, you can let us know which type of role and team you'd be looking to join- as well as why you want to join Filestage, and what you think you can bring to the team! 

You can see our amazing team here on our Careers site which might give you some inspiration and help you understand the type of roles the current team have.

We look forward to hearing from you!